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Want a video tutorial for getting that perfect fit? Check it out HERE.

Do you have a newborn and you want to use your one-size diapers on smallest setting? Check out that video

Getting A Good Fit

Each of our diapers contain high quality elastic that fits snuggly against baby’s waist and legs without being too tight. They also have three snaps on each wing to allow for a custom fit. Whether your baby has skinny legs or chunky thighs, you can find the fit right for your baby!

1. Adjust the rise snap to the proper size (see “Sizing” for more info)

2. Place the diaper underneath the baby.

3. Squeezing the crotch area of the diaper together, pull the front of the diaper up over the baby’s private area. (*If you have a boy, be sure his parts are pointed down!*)

4. Tuck the edges of the crotch of the diaper into the folds of the bikini line on the baby. Make sure that if you are using the diaper as an AI2 that the insert is not sticking out beyond the elastic of the diaper’s edge.

5. Holding the belly band gently against baby, adjust the waist snap to the tightest setting comfortable for baby.

6. Snap the tab snaps that are closest to the end of each tab to the color two away from the waist snap (it should feel natural do to this).

7. You can snap the lower tab snaps to a different color than the top tab snap. Choose the best setting for a custom fit around baby’s legs. ***The top and bottom snap do not need to be vertically aligned. For example, the top snap may be on blue, but the bottom snap may be on green.

8. Once you have adjusted the snaps to fit your baby, check diaper fit by sliding your finger in the leg opening. The diaper should be snug enough to contain messes but not tight enough to leave red marks on baby’s sensitive skin. If leaks occur, check and adjust fit.