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What else might I need?

· Cloth wipes: 20-30

o Just toss them in the pail and wash them with your diapers!

· A spray bottle for wipes solution

o You’ll be using this a lot, so don’t go cheap!

· Wipes solution

o There are many options for this from using just plain water (very popular) to making your own solution or buying a pre-made solution.

· A diaper sprayer and a Spray Pal

o The ultimate duo that takes the yuck factor out of hand rinsing! The sprayer attaches easily to the water line connected to your toilet, allowing you to spray solids into the toilet and flush. The Spray Pal contains the splatter from spraying off diapers and fits easily behind or beside your toilet when not in use.

· Disposable diaper liners

o Line diapers with these dryer-sheetesque liners to make cleaning poopy diapers a breeze. Simply lift the liner out of the diaper to flush the poop down the toilet where it belongs!

· Two small wetbags

o To contain soiled diapers when out and about- one for use while one is in the wash!

· A kitchen size trash can

o Perfect for use as a diaper pail! A cheap plastic can is perfect- no need to get fancy.

· Two pail liners/large hanging wet bags

o To line the diaper pail (trash can) with to keep it clean- makes for easy laundry days! Just lift the pail liner full of soiled diapers out of the can and turn it inside out into the drum of your washing machine! Voila! Again, you’ll need two: one to use while one is in the wash.

· Cloth safe rash cream

o Although many cloth diapered babies do not struggle with diaper rash, it is handy to have something cloth-friendly around just in case. There are several brands available out there, or use unrefined/virgin coconut oil! It is important to make sure the cream you use is cloth diaper safe. Diaper creams that contain petroleum will not wash out of your diapers and will eliminate absorbency, effectively ruining them.

· Detergent

o There seems to be no ONE cloth diaper detergent that works for everyone. The good news is that most mainstream detergents can work. Just aim for free and clear kind of detergents and stay away from detergents with added fabric softeners, bleach, optical brighteners/whiteners, or excessive perfume. Remember that this article of clothing is touching your baby’s most sensitive body parts and most babies have sensitive skin; you don’t want to irritate their skin by using detergent with lots of chemicals and additives. See our “Washing and Care” section for our customers’ recommendations.