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These recommendations are to be used after your new diapers have been prepped. More info on prepping guidelines can be found HERE. Prepping your new cloth diapers is a very important step as it ensures the inserts have reached maximum absorbency before use.

General Use Guidelines:

• Shake solids into toilet. (Use a disposable liner or a sprayer to facilitate this.)

• If needed, spray any remaining solids off with a diaper sprayer. (Don’t forget to use your Spray Pal! No muss, no fuss!)

Important: Unsnap inserts from shells.

• Remove pocket inserts. (*Optional: most inserts will agitate out during the wash cycle.)

• Place diaper in dry pail with pail liner or in a large hanging wetbag .

• Once you are ready to wash, start with a cold/warm prewash/rinse or just a short wash. This is to remove urine and any remaining solids and to prevent staining. (*If you are using a front loading washer, choose delicate cycle to allow washer to add the most amount of water possible. Check your washer’s manual to determine if this is the cycle that uses the most water.)

• Follow with a wash cycle on warm with a cold rinse (water temperature cannot exceed 120 degrees F or 50 degrees C) and the recommended amount of detergent (see Detergent Recommendations below).

• Finish with an extra rinse on cold. (Most washers have this option that you can select when you start the wash cycle so that the extra rinse begins right away.)

• Hang dry covers/shells and inserts can be tumble dried on low or medium.


• Bleach is only recommended when treating yeast in diapers or to disinfect previously owned cloth diapers. Doing a "bleach soak" is never recommended. When bleach is needed, we recommend starting with clean diapers and using 1/4 cup in the wash cycle followed by lots of rinses (until you can no longer smell the bleach).

• The use of wool dryer balls is highly recommended; they can help speed drying time and fluff up/soften your inserts naturally.

• If you have stains, after washing, place diapers in sunlight. This will help naturally bleach out the stain.

Detergent Recommendations:

This list is compiled based on feedback from our customers. We are not detergent experts. This list is not definitive and is intended purely as a general guideline. Since ingredients for detergents are not always readily available, we erred on the side of caution and chose not include certain detergents on this list.

TIP: Use the recommended amount of detergent that is recommended by the detergent brand you are using. Aim for detergents with the least amount of additives.

***When using any additives such as bleach or oxygen bleach, make sure you rinse well so that it doesn’t eat away at the fabrics and to avoid any rashes on your little ones sensitive skin.

*** We do not recommend soaking your cloth diapers. Soaking in caustic detergent or bleach eats away natural fibers such as bamboo. Soaking in general should be done sparingly and only if dealing with ammonia build up, repelling, and/or stink.

*** Disclosure: Lalabye Baby takes no responsibility in the washing of your diapers.

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