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Dear Lalabye Baby families,

As a small work-from-home business, Lalabye Baby is fortunate to be able to continue to serve customers without delay or increased risk to any employees or customers. Keeping customer shipments safe and clean is our highest priority. Tagging, inspecting, and shipping are generally done by ONE person-the owner and creator of Lalabye Baby, Melissa, and ship from ONE location. We practice healthy, safe stocking and shipping practices from our at-home office. Once your package arrives at your home, we recommend following CDC advisories regarding handling mail: wash hands thoroughly and avoid touching your face or other objects after coming in contact with packages and boxes that have been through the postal system.

Thank you to those who are able to stay safe at home to protect others.
Thank you to the essential workers on the front lines in healthcare, at grocery stores, and many others performing essential jobs, who are unable to stay safely at home.
We are praying for your safety and the health of you and your families!
Our thoughts and prayers also go out to the people and small businesses who are hurting because they cannot continue to work due to COVID-19.

Here at Lalabye Baby, we will continue to bring you high quality cloth diapers and cloth diapering accessories to help make living your life more sustainable and reusable. ♻️ We appreciate your dedicated support of our small business during these stressful times, and we look forward to continuing to support you as we all make our way towards a healthier, happier world.
Be well!


Melissa Huynh
(Owner & Creator)

Kristen B.
(Social Media Manager & Marketing Director)

Stephanie M.
Olivia E.
Samantha L.
(Social Media Team)