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Disposable Liners (1 roll - 100 sheets)

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Poop happens, but with Lalabye Baby disposable diaper liners, you can lift number twos right out to rinse easily into the toilet! Our diaper liners help make diaper changes cleaner and easier to take care of! Lay a single liner on top of the interior of the cloth diaper before putting the diaper on your baby. Easily lift away solids from soiled diapers. As with ANY diaper liners, you should NEVER flush liners! Be sure to throw liners into the trash after rinsing feces into the toilet to flush away. Good news: the liners are biodegradable!

• Eco-friendly 100% bamboo fiber made from sustainable resources

• Compostable & biodegradable

• Easier to clean feces from diapers

• Highly breathable

• Perfect for sensitive babies

• Dimensions: 7.5" x 11"