Adding Absorbency & Different Folds

With over a decade of cloth diapering experience at Lalabye Baby, our customers have shown us a thing or two about how they love to use our versatile inserts to add absorbency where their child needs it most. We loved their ideas so much we decided to name the fold they invented after them! Check out the videos below to learn how to do the Hogan Fold and the Thomas Fold to see which one may be best for your baby or toddler. You can also learn how to add additional cloth diaper inserts to boost the absorbency in your Lalabye Baby one size cloth diaper or cloth diaper cover. Finally, checkout our powerhouse of an overnight option with our Lala Lu Fitted. You won't believe how many layers of absorbency our fitted has!

The Hogan Fold

This fold makes the large and small insert the same length: great for adding absorbency and improving fit in newborn diapers and one size diapers set on smaller rise settings!


The Thomas Fold

This fold puts the majority of the absorbency from the two inserts into the center of the diaper; great for girl babies!


Adding Additional Absorbency to Cloth Diapers

Learn how to add additional absorbency to both One Size cloth diapers and Newborn cloth diapers using bamboo, stay dry, and hemp Lalabye Baby inserts!


The Lala Lu Fitted: Perfect for Overnight!

Learn about the features and functions of Lalabye Baby One Size Lala Lu Fitted diaper and learn why they are often a favorite night time solution!

Just be sure to pair the Lala Lu Fitted with one of our One Size Cloth Diaper Covers!

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