How Many Do I Need?

Whether you are using one size cloth diapers, newborn cloth diapers, cloth diaper covers, or cloth trainers, AND whether you are diapering one, two, or more babies, we have the cloth diaper stash math figured out for you!


Take the number of times you plan to change diapers in a day and multiply that by two, then add 4. This should give you enough diapers to wash every other day with a few to spare.

One Size & Newborn Cloth Diaper Stash

How many cloth diapers do you need? This graphic shows how many you need for newborn through potty training for one size and newborn cloth diapers.

As you can see in the graphic, you'll need approximately 28-30 Lalabye Baby Newborn diapers for a full Newborn cloth diaper stash because you'll be changing between 14-15 diapers a day and washing every other day. (See how to change a Lalabye Baby Newborn cloth diaper here.)

You'll need an average of 24 Lalabye Baby One Size cloth diapers for a diaper stash, which (yes!) you can use from birth until potty training, it'll just take a little learning on your part to learn how to best fit a one size diaper on a newborn baby. You'll be changing an average of 7-12 cloth diapers a day for most of your baby/toddler's life, so having a stash of 24 diapers gives you enough to wash every other day and have some spares for days when you're changing a lot more due to teething or illness.


One Size Covers & Inserts Stash

Covers and Inserts Stash Size listed by age of baby shows that you'll need up to 30 inserts and 10 covers for the newborn stage down to 14 inserts and 5 covers for toddlers.

Since Lalabye Baby cloth diaper Covers have no interior fabric sewn to the shell, you can usually switch out the soiled inserts, wipe the Cover's interior, and reuse the same Cover for up to 3 or 4 diaper changes.

If you plan to use Covers full time from birth until potty training, you will want to have 8-10 Covers and 24-30 changes worth of absorbency (ex: 25-30 snap-in Bamboo insert sets, flour sack towels, prefolds, etc.) If you are going through 4-5 Covers a day during the newborn stage and washing every other day, it stands to reason that you would need around 10 Covers to cloth diaper full time. Having a few to spare never hurts either! (See how to change a newborn using a Lalabye Baby one size cloth diaper Cover here.)

If you are beginning your cloth diaper journey later than the newborn stage, this number decreases.


Cloth Trainers Stash

Trainer Stash Size chart shows how many cloth trainers you may need depending on readiness for potty training ranging from 4-8.

How many cloth trainers do you need? Well, it depends on how ready your kiddo is to potty train. This handy chart gives you a good idea, but really 6 is a solid stash to start!


Two Kids In Cloth Diapers Stash

With two in cloth, you may need to double your cloth diaper stash size! This chart shows based on age of each child how big your cloth diaper stash may need to be.

With multiple children in cloth, you may need to double your cloth diaper stash size depending on how old each child is. Refer to the chart above for some impressive stash math based on the age of each child and how many diapers we think your stash needs to be to accommodate both in cloth diapers while still washing every other day.
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