Prepping New Lalabye Baby Cloth Diapers

Prepping Your New Diapers
New diapers need to be “prepped” before you use them. This will prepare fibers for proper absorption. Prep varies depending on the material of the product. Once you have prepped your diapers by following the instructions below, be sure to check out our Washing and Care post.

Infographic containing information on how to properly prep Lalabye Baby inserts, covers, and fitteds. The same information is found in the body text of the blog post.

The information on the graphic above is the same as in the body of the text below. We provide both to be accessible to all cloth diaper users, especially those using a text to voice translation tool that may not pick up text on graphics.


NATURAL FIBERS SHOULD BE PREPPED ONLY WITH OTHER NATURAL FIBERS! Natural fibers include organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo. Do not prep microfiber with natural fibers. The oils released from natural fibers(specifically in cotton and hemp) will coat microfiber causing it to repel rather than absorb. Once all items have been prepped, they can be washed together.

Prepping Lalabye Baby Diapers (covers only) & cloth wipes: simply wash once with a small amount of detergent in hot wash cycle (water temperature not to exceed 120 degrees) and hang to dry or tumble dry low.

Prepping Lalabye Baby Bamboo or Hemp Inserts & Lala Lu Fitteds: wash on hot 4 times prior to first use (water temperature not to exceed 120 degrees). Use a small amount of detergent in the first and second wash. Third and fourth washes do not require detergent. Tumble dry on low or medium or hang to dry.

***Remember our bamboo inserts are made of thirsty material (terry). Drying time will be longer than synthetic fibers. Trust us when we say the luxury of bamboo is worth the wait!

***Bamboo fibers work in such a way that diaper absorbency will actually increase with each wash until they’ve had approximately 10 washes.
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