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Grab 'n Go (large) Wet/Dry Bag - Beach Bum

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Need a bag that can contain the mess inside or protect the contents from the mess outside? Wet/dry bags are for you!

Dimensions: 14" x 13"

• Fits 10+ diapers: perfect for a day out or for a day at daycare.

• Made of soft TPU, our wet/dry bags are water resistant and have two zipper closure pockets; keep wet items in one pocket and dry items in another! The flat bottom makes it easy to use one handed!

• Store clean or dirty cloth diapers, clothes, pumping parts, bathing suits, toys, games, or cloth pads, or protect library books from the rain or backpack contents from leaky water bottles, etc. The possibilities are endless!

• Organize your diaper bag so you can grab what you need quickly and easily every time, or use as a stand alone diaper bag!

• Durable snap closure handle helps keep your bag handy. Snap it around your wrist, to your stroller, to your diaper bag, or even around a door handle in your home!

• Easy to use and clean - Toss in the wash on warm and hang dry or tumble low to use again and again! If using with cloth diapers, toss in the wash with your diapers!

• Made with 100% polyester TPU (water resistant fabric)

Image of 3 just in case wet bags. Create Solve and Discover

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Featuring science, math, and art. Our new school collection has the perfect prints for wet and dry bags.

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