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Pail Liner - Elastic - Beach Bum

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• Great for holding your Lalabye Baby cloth diapers until wash day, or use it to hold and haul clothing if your child's diaper days are over.

• Simply toss it in the wash with the diapers and hang to dry!

• Strong elastic holds the liner to the diaper pail when you toss in dirties so that the bag doesn't slip.

• Wash warm, hang dry or tumble low

• Made with 100% polyester TPU (Water resistant fabric)

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What size pail do these Pail Liners fit?

Our Pail Liners fit the standard 13-16 gallon size trash cans but can fit smaller as well. Alternatively, you can use a standard laundry hamper with a Pail Liner if you do not wish to use a trash can.

How many Pail Liners do I need for cloth diapering?

If you are cloth diapering full time, we recommend having two pail liners- one to use while one is in the wash. However, having more than two is especially helpful if you have more than one diaper station (for example one upstairs and one downstairs).

How do I use Pail Liners for cloth diapering?

Pail liners are used to line a trash can/diaper pail, much like a garbage bag, but they are washable and reusable.

When cloth diapering:

Simply place the bag inside your pail and secure the top over the edges of the pail. Place soiled diapers in the pail until wash day. On wash day, pull the entire pail liner out and turn it inside out over the washing machine to empty, then toss the pail liner in with the diapers to wash.

Are there alternative uses for Pail Liners?

Pail Liners are great for storing stuffed animals or linens, hauling dirty clothes home from vacation, bringing sandy or wet towels home from the beach/pool, or keeping bedding/sleeping bags clean to and from your destination when on a trip. If traveling with a bedroll for a crib, you can simply roll up the entire bedding set, store it in a pail liner for travel, and unroll it when you get there!

How do I keep my diaper pail from smelling?

1. You should be washing diapers (and your pail liner) every other day. Going longer between washes can cause smells.

2. The key to avoid a smelly diaper pail is to NOT use a container with a lid; you want air circulation! You're not putting feces into your pail as you would with disposables, and adequate air circulation will prevent ammonia from being trapped in the can as it would under a lid.

3. Be sure to spray and wipe your pail itself out with disinfectant once a month.

4. If you're still having issues, your pail liner might be so worn out that its laminate has deteriorated, and the bag is leaking. If this happens, disinfect your pail and replace the pail liner. Reuse the delaminated pail liner for alternative uses!