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Swim Diaper - Little Red

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Splish Splash swim diapers give you the same one size fit you love from Lalabye with a soft, cool athletic wicking jersey lining inside for comfort and quick drying power!

The softly encased leg and back elastics are great for babies with sensitive skin and are ideal for containing any solid accidents while swimming.


• Does not include inserts or absorbency (Not needed in a swim diaper!)

• Soft, stretchy mesh lining

• Signature rainbow waist snaps color code baby’s fit settings

• 4 adjustable rise settings

• Durable snap closures at the waist and hips keep diapers on active babies and toddlers.

• Hip snaps in addition to the waist snaps allows you to adjust the fit to accommodate various shapes and sizes as the baby grows, like tiny waists and chunky thighs, big baby bellies and little skinny legs, etc.,

• Crossover snaps on the tab, allowing you to snap the waist size extra small for newborn babies or to secure a dirty diaper after use.

• Softly bound leg and back elastics are great for babies with sensitive skin and provide a comfortable, gentle fit

**Splish Splash swim diapers are not meant to be absorbent. The purpose of a swim diaper is to contain any solid fecal matter from escaping the diaper into the pool area. Be sure to use a regular Lalabye Baby One Size Diaper or Cover with your choice of absorbency until your kiddo is ready to swim!**

How It Fits

Fits from birth to potty training: rise snaps adjust the length of the diaper to fit extra small (newborn), small, medium, and large sizes

(approximately 8 to 35 pounds +/-  ).

The Splish Splash swim diaper has four rise settings and also has wing snaps, hip snaps, and crossover snaps (just like our OS Diapers and Covers) to provide you with a secure and customizable fit.

Wash & Care

Hang dry covers/shells on a drying rack or clothes line. Inserts can be tumble dried on low or medium.

Chlorine: If you plan to reuse your swim diaper for several days in a row (as long as it's not been soiled), it is recommended to rinse after use before line drying. Regular chlorine exposure won't hurt your swim diaper any more than it will hurt your baby's skin. If it's at a safe level for baby, it's safe for the swim diaper!

View our post on wash and care tips.

Easy to use, clean, and reuse again and again. - Remove solids into the toilet, rinse, and wash as directed. Reuse over and over again!


Exterior: soft, stretchy, stain and water-resistant TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane- a.k.a. heat-pressed laminated polyester) provides a comfy custom fit.

Interior: lightweight Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ) provides a cool, comfortable material against baby’s skin and rapidly wicks moisture away, allowing the swim diaper to dry quickly when no longer in use and won’t weigh baby down.

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