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Trainer - Poppies

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Lalabye Baby Trainers provide the perfectly trim and secure fit for your busy, active toddler that you're used to with our One Size Cloth Diapers. Our Trainer has rainbow wing snaps -color coded for easily remembered settings, and also offers 3 different rise settings to fit toddlers of all shapes and sizes from 17-35+ lbs.


• Elastic at the front and back allow the Trainer to easily pull up and down, which helps foster independent potty learning

• 4 layer bamboo insert is sewn into the Trainer to catch minor accidents as your toddler is learning to potty train.

• An open pocket in the back, which allows you to add extra absorbency as needed for nap, night, or longer car rides.

• Side snapping, which means it's easier to clean any accidents without the mess of needing to pull the trainer down for removal!

• Rainbow wing snaps color code baby’s fit settings

• Durable snap closures at the waist and hips keep diapers on active toddlers.

• Softly bound leg and back elastics are great for babies with sensitive skin and provide a comfortable, gentle fit

How It Fits

Fits a variety of sizes and shapes - 3 rise snap settings adjust to fit small, medium, and large sizes.

(approximately +/-  17 to 35 pounds).

Wash & Care

Hang dry covers/shells on a drying rack or clothes line.


Exterior: soft, stretchy, stain and water-resistant TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane- a.k.a. heat-pressed laminated polyester) provides a comfy custom fit.

Interior: lightweight Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ) provides a cool, comfortable material against your toddler's skin.

Absorbency: Sewn-in 4 layer bamboo insert provides limited absorbency and allows them to feel when they're wet so that they can train to run to the toilet.Pocket opening at the back allows you to add extra absorbency as needed.

Cloth Trainer FAQs

How many do I need?

See our handy chart to determine how many cloth Trainers you may need based on your child's stage in potty training.