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Newborn Diaper - Flock Together

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Lalabye Baby Newborn cloth diapers are a versatile 2 in 1 diapering system. You can use them as a “pocket” diaper with the inserts tucked inside for a stay-dry feel OR you can use it as an all-in-two with the bamboo insert snapped on top. 

Each diaper fits from approximately 5 to 12lbs +/- and are the perfect trim, fit size for brand new babies. Our Newborns feature aplix closures, providing you ease of use for late night changes and the flexibility of fit needed for quickly growing and changing newborn babies, giving you the best fit, every time.


• Includes 1 small bamboo insert

Hook and loop (aplix) closures facilitate quick and easy diaper changes

Waterproof belly band on the interior of the shell prevents leaks and keeps the umbilical cord area dry for newborns

• Durable rise snaps provide flexibility in length for the best fit as baby grows

• Softly bound leg and back elastics are great for babies with sensitive skin, provide a comfortable, gentle fit, and keep those explosive newborn poops contained!

Easy to use and clean- Wide slot opening make it easy to stuff the insert for a stay-dry feel for baby. Laundry tabs prevent the aplix from snagging in the wash.

How It Fits

Fits from birth to approximately 3-4 months old. However, smaller babies might fit into them longer!

(approximately 5 to 12 pounds +/-  )

Wash & Care

Stick aplix tabs to laundry tabs on interior back of diaper to prevent snagging. Wash on warm. Hang dry exterior shell on a drying rack/clothes line or machine dry on low or air dry setting. Inserts can be tumble dried on medium. Hang in the sunshine to dry to easily remove stains!

Find more wash and care tips here.


Exterior: soft, stretchy, stain and water-resistant TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane- a.k.a. heat-pressed laminated polyester) provides a comfy custom fit.

Interior: soft, light, stay-dry micro-suede keeps your baby feeling dry and comfortable.

Insert: soft, super thirsty bamboo insert.

Newborn Cloth Diaper FAQs

Do I need to buy inserts?

Nope! Our newborn cloth diapers come with 1 small bamboo insert. You can always add more absorbency as needed. If you need more, we recommend using an additional small bamboo insert OR 1 large and 1 small bamboo insert.

What about the umbilllical cord? Do I have to wait?

Our newborn diapers have a waterproof belly band that helps keep the umbillical area clean and dry. You can adjust the fit as well until the cord stump falls off, but you can still use our newborn cloth diapers before it does.

How much absorbency will I get?

See our easy to read absorbency chart here.

1 small Lalabye Baby Bamboo insert gives you approximately 4 oz of absorbency

1 small + 1 large Lalabye Baby Bamboo inserts together gives you approximately 12 oz of absorbency

You can also get different absorbency in areas by folding the inserts where you need more. **insert links**

As well, you can add an insert like our Hemp Insert to gain another 14 oz.

How many Newborn diapers do I need?

If you want to use Newborn cloth diapers full time, you will need enough to change at least 15 times a day and wash every other day, so 30 diapers total.

If you are using a mix of one size diapers and Newborn diapers (or even cloth and disposable), you will simply need enough of each diaper style combined to meet the 30 diaper stash recommendation.

Some families only choose to get 10-15 Newborn cloth diapers and alternate using cloth and disposable to cut down on disposable costs. Do what works for you!

Find our easy to use stash math chart here to help you calculate!

What is a Newborn Cloth Diaper?

Changing a newborn cloth diaper